Tumor Terminating Turmeric

Did you know Turmeric can do much more then give curry its earthy taste or mustard its bright yellow color?

Turmeric is packed with phytochemicals, chemopreventives, antioxidants, and anti-carcinogenic agents! [1]

Why are these important you ask?

Together these provide countless health benefits including lowering risk of heart disease, aiding in digestion, liver function, and improving brain function. 

But wait there’s more!

Turmeric also provides amazing cancer inhibiting, toxin fighting, and cleansing properties including…

Cancer Inhibiting Agents

Turmeric has been shown to beat the synthesis of proteins involved in tumor formation—it’s most formidable foe. Turmeric also has the power to deter the mutation of normal cells to cancerous ones and prevent the spread of tumors by stripping those nasty tumors of their elixir of life: the blood supply. [2&3]

Acts Against Carcinogens

Turmeric shows the ability to reduce chemical carcinogenesis by activating detoxifying enzymes. [4]

Reduces Formation of Cancer Causing Chemicals

Turmeric, being a powerful antioxidant, stands up against harmful cancer-inducing chemicals by helping your body maintain correct oxygen levels—protecting it from oxidative stress. [2]

Turmeric can be snuck into many delicious dishes—sprinkling on a salad or spicing up an entrée. It’s even remarkably appealing in drinks! Here are a couple delightful turmeric recipes, which make perfect everyday go to’s!

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