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Women's Health & Breast Cancer Conference

The Annual Breast Cancer Conference, presented by the University of Vermont Cancer Center, is committed to serving the needs of men and women in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Northern New York who are interested in learning about breast health. The conference is also strongly attended by many of the region’s healthcare professionals. In 2014, more than 800 people attended the event, with representation every New England state, including every county in Vermont, and nearly all counties of New Hampshire and Northern New York. 

This conference helps participants to make healthy lifestyle choices to prevent cancer or its recurrence, to seek breast health maintenance, and to advocate for cancer prevention and high-quality breast care in our region. The primary goal for the conference is to be a trusted resource of information and educational opportunities for as many individuals as possible who have been touched by cancer, and their families, friends, and healthcare providers. Tantamount to that goal are the objectives of providing attendees with the most accurate and timely information available regarding the complex issues related to breast cancer and to inspire participants to maintain a healthy lifestyle, proactively seek healthcare maintenance, and advocate for high-quality breast care and health.

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