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This ebook is a shared vision between three expert dietitians and an award winning chef to improve the nutritional power, color and flavor of our food.  

Breast Cancer Superfoods Book

Breast Cancer Superfoods is an ebook for anyone touched by breast cancer, including those concerned about prevention. 

Breast Cancer Superfoods features

  • contemporary nutritional information
  • actionable takeaway strategies
  • 15+ embedded videos for key concepts (HD enabled)
  • 50+ delicious recipes
  • 180 pages
  • stunning photos of each recipe
  • simple and healthy cooking techniques
  • easy to find ingredients
  • an affordable approach to powerful nutrition
  • a color based approach to understanding superfoods
  • a family friendly focus to eating healthy
  • works with all PDF readers

Breast Cancer Superfoods will give you the power to enhance your plate.  It is your guide to visually, nutritionally, and deliciously fight breast cancer.

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